Update 1.2!!

Update 1.2 is here!  Frankly, I never thought we'd make a second update to this game, so I'm really excited!  It's been a lot of fun coming back to this game to give it a little more polish.

This update was focused on making small but important changes to the game that we never had time to make or didn't think to make before.    Chances are you might not even notice some of these changes as you play, but we really do think that they were important to include.

Since the start of making Fade Away, we've wanted as many people as possible to be able to play this game, hence our Assist Mode options.  However, we realized that Assist Mode did nothing to help players from getting stuck on puzzles.  Especially since the puzzles are one of the hardest parts of this game, this felt like a very important change to make.  Now, turning on Puzzle Skip disables all of the buttons and doors, meaning anywhere that the characters need to coordinate standing on buttons, or anywhere that you would need to push logs and stones onto buttons, you can instead just walk through the doors.

We also fixed some of the story illustrations.  Some had a little too much roughness to their line art, so we smoothed out the especially noticeable bits of blockiness.  In addition, we realized that we had incorrectly drawn Amber's hands in a couple illustrations, so we made sure to update those drawings.  We also accidentally forgot to give the car a windshield in one illustration, so we added that in now.

Lastly, we gave the monster portals a particle effect whenever they spawn in a new monster.  This is to make it more obvious that monsters are being created by the portal, and also it just looks nice.

We hope these updates help make Fade Away an even better game, and we hope you enjoy playing!

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